Appendix: Miscellaneous


Job queue Demo - HBP Summit 2014

On a UHEI BrainScaleS cluster frontend node:

cd somewhere-on-your-wang:

socksify git clone

cd hbp_platform_demo

module load pynn
module load mongo
module load PlatformDemo/20140924_sschmitt

srun -p wafer python nmpm1


display result.png

Figure 57: Demo running on a HICANNv2 Wafer module.


Figure 58: Demo running on the ESS.

The repository can be also when creating job via the web interface, cf. Using the web interface.

roqt (Visualization)

You need to be in the roqt directory, because the ui file is loaded by a relative path:

cd marocco/tools/roqt
PYTHONPATH=$PWD/lib:$PYTHONPATH bin/roqt /some/path/to/roqt.bin
roqt screenshot

Figure 59: Routing visualization of the roqt visualization tool.