Building and Running PPU Programs

Build PPU programs

To build programs for the PPU, the according file has to be mentioned in the wscript of the according repository. Include the following code-snipped in the wscript to build a PPU program for HICANN-X. To build a program for DLSv2 replace the vx with v2.

    features = 'cxx',
    target = 'name_of_ppu_program.bin',
    source = ['path_in_repo/'],
    use = ['nux_vx', 'nux_runtime_vx'],
    env = bld.all_envs['nux_vx'],

To build the program follow the build step in Load and build software. The according .bin file should be now in the /bin folder for futher usage.

Run PPU programs

To run programs on the PPU there are specialiced functions for python. To use them include the following in your experimental script.


from dlens_vx import halco
from import load_and_start_program, stop_program, wait_until_ppu_finished

program_path = "bin/name_of_ppu_program.bin"
ppu_id = 0  # Or 1 according which PPU should be used

load_and_start_program(executor, program_path, ppu=halco.PPUOnDLS(ppu_id))
wait_until_ppu_finished(executor, ppu=halco.PPUOnDLS(ppu_id))
exit_code = stop_program(executor, ppu=halco.PPUOnDLS(ppu_id))

For DLSv2

from import run_program

program_path = "bin/name_of_ppu_program.bin"