Built-in calibrations

The calibration of the Spikey neuromorphic system consists of five components:

  • Calibration of fast analog-to-digital converter (for recording analog signals)

  • Calibration of parameter cells (vout values)

  • Calibration of output pins (for reading out analog signals)

  • Calibration of membrane time constant

  • Calibration of refractory period (currently not used)

  • Calibration of synapse drivers (axon-wise adjustment of synaptic strength, see also [Pfeil2013])

To calibrate the chip get source code

git clone https://github.com/electronicvisions/spikey-calib.git

and run the calibration

python calibAll.py stationXXX

where XXX has to be replaced by the chip number to be calibrated.

To visualize calibration results run

python analyzeAll.py stationXXX